Friday, April 24, 2020

We Are the Lord's; His All-Sufficient Merit - #453

"We Are the Lord's; His All-Sufficient Merit"
by Earl J.P. Spitta, 1801-1859
Translated by Charles T. Astley, 1825-1878

1. We are the Lord's; His all-sufficient merit,
Sealed on the cross, to us this grace accords.
We are the Lord's and all things shall inherit;
Whether we live or die, we are the Lord's.

2. We are the Lord's; then let us gladly tender
Our souls to Him in deeds, not empty words.
Let heart and tongue and life combine to render
No doubtful witness that we are the Lord's.

3. We are the Lord's; no darkness brooding o'er us
Can make us tremble while this star affords
A steady light along the path before us--
Faith's full assurance that we are the Lord's.

4. We are the Lord's; no evil can befall us
In the dread hour of life's fast-loos'ning cords;
No pangs of death shall even then appal us.
Death we shall vanquish, for we are the Lord's.

Hymn #453
The Lutheran Hymnal
Text: Romans 14:8
Author: Earl J.P. Spitta, 1843
Translated by: Charles T. Astley, 1860
Titled: "Wir sind des Herrn, wir leben oder sterben"
Composer: Frances R. Havergal, 1871
Tune: "Eirene"

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