Friday, April 24, 2020

We Now Implore God the Holy Ghost - #231 - Luther

"We Now Implore God the Holy Ghost"
by Martin Luther, 1483-1546

1. We now implore the Holy Ghost
For the true faith, which we need the most,
That in our last moments He may befriend us
And, as homeward we journey, attend us.
Lord, have mercy.

2. Shine in our hearts, O most precious Light,
That we Jesus Christ may know aright,
Clinging to our Savior, whose blood hath bought us.
Who again to our homeland hath brought us.
Lord, have mercy.

3. Thou sacred Love, grace on us bestow,
Set our hearts with heavenly fire aglow
That with hearts united we love each other,
Of one mind, in peace with every brother.
Lord, have mercy!

4. Thou highest Comfort in every need,
Grant that neither shame nor death we heed,
That e'en then our courage may never fail us
When the Foe shall accuse and assail us.
Lord, have mercy!

Hymn 231
The Lutheran Hymnal
Text: John 16: 13
Author: unknown, stanza 1
Author: Martin Luther, stanzas 2-4, 1524
Translated by: composite
Titled: "Nun bitten wir den Heiligen Geist"
Tune: "Nun bitten wir" Sacred melody, c. 1100

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