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Lo God to Heaven Ascendeth - #214

Norma Boeckler's Christian Art

"Lo, God to Heaven Ascendeth"
by Gottfried Wilhelm Sacer, 1635-1699
Translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox, 1812-1897

1. Lo, God to heaven ascendeth!
Throughout its regions vast
With shouts triumphant blendeth
The trumpet's thrilling blast:
Sing praise to Christ the Lord;
Sing priase with exultation,
King of each heathen nation,
The God of hosts adored!

2. With joy is heaven resounding
Chirst's glad return to see;
Behold the saints surrounding
The Lord who set them free.
Bright myriads, thronging, come;
The cherub band rejoices,
And loud seraphic voices
All welcome Jesus home.

3. From cross to throne ascending,
We follow Chirst on high
And know the pathway wending
To mansions in the sky.
Our Lord is gone before;
Yet here He will not leave us,
But soon in heaven receive us
And open wide the door.

4. Our place He is preparing;
To heaven we, too, shall rise,
With Him His glory sharing,
Be where our Treasure lies.
Bestir thyself, my soul!
Where Jesus Christ has entered,
There let thy hope be centered;
Press onward toward the goal.

5. Let all our thoughts be winging
To where Thou didst ascend,
And let our hearts be singing:
"We seek Thee, Christ, our Friend,
Thee, God's exalted Son,
Our Life, and Way to heaven,
To whom all power is given,
Our Joy and Hope and Crown."

The Lutheran Hymnal
Hymn #214
Text: Psalm 47:5-7
Author: Gottfried W. Sacer, 1661, cento
Translated by: Frances E. Cox, 1841, alt.
Titled: "Gott faehret auf gen Himmel"
Tune: "Aus meines Herzens Grunde"
1st Published in: Neu Catechismus-Gesangbuechlein
Town: Hamburg, 1598

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