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O Lord, Our Father, Thanks to Thee - #124 - Crull Translation

"O Lord, Our Father, Thanks to Thee"
by Cyriacus Schneegass
Translated by August Crull, 1845-1923

1. O Lord, our Father, thanks to Thee
In this new year we render,
For every evil had to flee
Before Thee, our Defender.
Our life was nourished, we were fed
With rich supplies of daily bread,
And peace reigned in our borders.

2. Lord Jesus Christ, our thanks to Thee
In this new year we render;
Thy reign hath kept Thy people free,
Hath shown Thy mercies tender.
Thou hast redeemed us with Thy blood,
Thou art our Joy, our only Good,
In life and death our Savior.

3. Lord Holy Ghost, our thanks to Thee
In this new year we render,
For Thou hast led our eyes to see
Thy truth in all its splendor
And thus enkindled from above
Within our hearts true faith and love
And other Christian virtues.

4. Our faithful God, we cry to Thee:
Still bless us with Thy favor,
Blot out all our iniquity,
And hide our sins forever.
Grant us a happy, good new year
And, when the hour of death draws near,
A peaceful, blest departure. Amen.

The Lutheran Hymnal
Hymn #124
Text: Psalm 107:1
Author: Cyriacus Schneegass, 1597
Translated by: August Crull
Titled: "Her Gott Vater, wir preisen dich"
Tune: "Nun freut euch"
1st Published in: "Etlich' christliche Lieder"
Town: Wittenberg, 1524

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